Attracting high-value clients Start with the end in mind

Attracting high-value clients Start with the end in mind


Research by American Express has found that companies that invest in Customer Experience Design can expect a 70% return on investment over a 3 year period. This is because companies who put an emphasis on customer experience design, increase sales and profitability while reducing churn rates.  


So what does this mean? It means there’s more than just your traditional marketing approach if you want high-value clients; it takes deliberate client experience designing through comprehensive research and careful planning before any changes can be made. 


But where do we start with all this information? Well, one place would be by creating a vision statement specific for your company and ideal clients.  Your client vision will become your guiding light when faced with tough questions and situations.  The vision will influence your company principles and behaviours which are necessary to deliver the vision. A clear vision creates consistency in how you and your team deal with your ideal clients.  

A good vision should:

  • Make an emotional connection with clients and employees;
  • Provide a compelling value proposition that differentiates the company from competitors and shows it understands what clients want;
  • Be simple and intuitive – concisely states the purpose and is easy to understand
  • Demonstrate commitment and set clients’ and employees’ expectations.

Do you have a clear client vision that every member of your team knows and lives on every day?  Imagine what would happen when you and your team all start singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to delivering for your clients.  

If you need help with creating the ideal client persona or you are ready to Amplify Your Business so that your life can be more fulfilling, then book your free strategy call with me today. 

During this 45 minutes online session, we will chat about what goals and challenges that interest you most in regards to your business and brainstorm a way of addressing those issues immediately!



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