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Meet the Speakers

Odette de Beer

Global Business Growth Strategist & Customer Experience Professional Managing Director of Amplify Business Coaching and Consulting

I am Odette, the creator of the Business with Altitude Summit. I am a Business Alchemist, passionate about turning ordinary businesses into something extraordinary. I use my skills in Six Sigma, Customer Experience, and Consciousness Coaching to craft strategies that bring about real change. My clients are those who believe in marrying profit with purpose. I want to create a world where businesses and individuals thrive as hubs of positive change, making a positive difference everywhere they go.

Dr Janine Do Cabo

CEO – JDC EXEC; Author; Marketing and Brand Expert

Janine is the founder of:

  • JDC Digital, a digital marketing agency with purpose;
  • JDC Corp, a company providing PPE, corporate gifts, and clothing;
  • Learn social media – an online digital marketing school for entrepreneurs;

She is the acclaimed author of IN10TIONALITY – Ten ways to live a rewarding and In10tional life.  This book was created to help you unlock your potential so you can live and make an impact every day, and it certainly does just that!  

To make insights accessible, Janine created a podcast called “10 intentional minutes with Janine” where she shares key insights and practical strategies you can implement for success

During her session, she will share with you all her key marketing and branding strategies she’s been using to help her clients increase visibility, connect with their audience to build likability and trust, the basis of any sustainable business.

Christo Pretorius

Director of Learning | Leader of Leaders

I’m Christo Pretorius, a Certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer. I’m the driving force behind ChrisP Corp, where we specialise in growing people, building businesses, expanding churches, and transforming communities. My passion is to see individuals, businesses, and churches achieve their full potential. I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, helping individuals tap into their capabilities while aiding businesses and churches in their expansion endeavours. If you’re ready to embrace growth and transformation, connect with ChrisP Corp.

Aligned Strategy

Rally the troops around a clear strategy that guarantees results.

Learn how to ensure that every team member is not only efficient but effective too.


Competitive Advantage

Customers are an asset to your business. Creating a deliberate experience for them establishes your competitive advantage (aka your secret weapon).

Magnetic Brand

The brand is what your customers say about your business when you are not in the room. Discover the secret to creating a magnetic brand

Leadership for growth

As the business grows the need to lead increases. Find out what needs to shift in your leadership to continue to support exponential growth.

Leverage Technology

Technology enables growth and supports the delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Learn the secrets to getting the most from your tech.


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