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Meet the Speakers

Odette de Beer

Global Business Growth Strategist & Customer Experience Professional Managing Director of Amplify Business Coaching and Consulting

With over a decade’s experience in business optimisation, growth and customer experience design Odette has quickly become the go-to voice for growing a business and becoming customer-focused. She began her career as a business growth and optimisation specialist at Standard Bank, one of South Africa’s big four banks, before establishing herself as a growth specialist and customer advocate in financial services. This saw her design customer-centric experiences that resulted in substantial revenue growth.

In addition, she worked closely with the financial regulators in South Africa to ensure that South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurer complies with customer regulation in a non-intrusive way, making customer-centric thinking part of the DNA rather than legislation needed to be complied with.
Odette founded Amplify Business Coaching and Consulting, seeking to disrupt the ‘ business coaching’ space, which generally does not equip entrepreneurs to break out of the rat race but merely teaches how to be more efficient in the rat race.
Odette now works with organisations of all sizes in various industries to help them become customer-centric organisations that deliver value to their customers, which results in customers who buy more, stay longer and recommend the organisation to their network, thus creating profitable sustainable businesses.
Odette’s passion for customer experience has ignited a desire in her to raise the bar for organisations globally. The era of random customer experience is over. The time has come for customer-focused organisations to thrive.
Odette will facilitate the Aligned Strategy to support your business with the goals and actions to achieve results.  She will also demystify Customer Experience for SMEs and show you how to create a competitive advantage with your unique experience.

Matthew McEnroe

Cloud and Technology Evangelist – Microsoft Virtual Chief Technical Officer

Matthew is a technological prodigy and understands the positive impact technology can have on small businesses better than most.  As the virtual CTO for Microsoft, he supports Microsoft clients in identifying and implementing the most suitable solution to help them achieve their business goals. 

Matthew has a passion for technology and inspires people everywhere to embrace technology to create a better future for all. Matthew will be sharing the common mistakes businesses make with technology that hinder growth and will share his thoughts on how to avoid them to get the most out of your tech.

Matthew is not your average Tech guy! 

He’ll fill his session with all the personality and insight you’d expect from a public speaker, but also deliver practical, information that will light your business up!

Janine Do Cabo

CEO – JDC EXEC; Author; Marketing and Brand Expert

Janine is the founder of:

  • JDC Digital, a digital marketing agency with purpose;
  • JDC Corp, a company providing PPE, corporate gifts, and clothing;
  • Learn social media – an online digital marketing school for entrepreneurs;

She is the acclaimed author of IN10TIONALITY – Ten ways to live a rewarding and In10tional life.  This book was created to help you unlock your potential so you can live and make an impact every day, and it certainly does just that!  

To make insights accessible, Janine created a podcast called “10 intentional minutes with Janine” where she shares key insights and practical strategies you can implement for success

During her session, she will share with you all her key marketing and branding strategies she’s been using to help her clients increase visibility, connect with their audience to build likability and trust, the basis of any sustainable business.

Christo Pretorius

Director of Learning | Leader of Leaders

In 2016 Christo started Chrisp Corp (Pty) Ltd with the sole aim to help people live up to their potential. His clients have seen continual growth in their businesses, increase in revenue and personal development resulting from growing their leadership ability. With his unique way of asking questions and driving mindset change, you will surely be challenged and stretched in his session.

Leading people and assisting them in building the life they want has been a journey that has come full circle. From the early days of leading his team to victory after victory on the cricket field to leading individuals, teams and business owners to success and fulfilment.

Christo will be sharing the keys to self-leadership for success.

Aligned Strategy

Rally the troops around a clear strategy that guarantees results.

Learn how to ensure that every team member is not only efficient but effective too.


Competitive Advantage

Customers are an asset to your business. Creating a deliberate experience for them establishes your competitive advantage (aka your secret weapon).

Magnetic Brand

The brand is what your customers say about your business when you are not in the room. Discover the secret to creating a magnetic brand

Leadership for growth

As the business grows the need to lead increases. Find out what needs to shift in your leadership to continue to support exponential growth.

Leverage Technology

Technology enables growth and supports the delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Learn the secrets to getting the most from your tech.


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