26 Week Amplify Mastermind

In 26 weeks shift…

From running a hobby that pays the bills to run a successful business

Instead of thinking and living superficially, dig deep and address the issues that are holding you back

You go from being reactive (saying and doing things in life and business that you later regret) to being responsive, cool as a cucumber because you have complete control over creating the life you love

Instead of feeling defeated all the time, you’ll feel empowered and ready to meet life’s challenges

From viewing Big Hairy Audacious Goals as challenges rather than mountains

Making the transition from doing to directing

Aimlessly checking boxes to being laser-focused 

6 x 60 Min Private sessions (1 per month) $6000 value

Group Coaching - ongoing

Private Coaching

A tailored experience for the business owner who wants it all.

One on one private sessions every fortnight 

Individual roadmap 

Growth strategy planning

Ongoing mindset mastery support