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Top marketing tips for 2022

Top marketing tips for 2022

Content marketing is the latest buzzword! We forget that content marketing consists of two words: content and marketing. Creating content is the most enjoyable and fulfilling part of the process but distributing that content is just as important.

If no one sees your content, then no one will come to your business.

In this blog, we will unpack the top channels to focus on in 2022 for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Top B2B Marketing Channels

According to HubSpot data, the top channels used by B2B marketers are websites, social media, blogs, and email marketing.

LinkedIn is reported as the most effective channel because it’s filled with business-minded individuals, precisely who B2B organisations want to reach. However, there is a significant focus on websites and blogs because customers usually visit those before buying.

Email is a powerful channel because it helps share educational content with customers. For example, 40% of respondents say that newsletters are critical to success. The focus is on building long-lasting business relationships with their customers. 

Top B2C Marketing Channels

These businesses use the same channels as B2B. Still, the order is different: social media, email marketing, then websites and blogs. Here the content focus is around offering quick solutions and enjoyable content.

The focus on social media likely centres around the fact that 3.6 billion people worldwide will be using social media in 2020. Statista predicts it will grow to 4.41 billion in 2025. The typical choice is to leverage influencer marketing and short-form video content.

Email marketing can personalise communication and provide time relevant notifications such as sales, product launches, and abandoned carts. You own this channel, so you get to choose when, how and why you contact your prospects (remember that they will unsubscribe if you go overboard)

Blogs and websites work hand in hand. Blogs help drive traffic, generate brand awareness, convert leads, and, most importantly, establish authority. 

Omni-Channel Marketing

It’s no longer enough to only focus on one channel. Research conducted by Hubspot shows that 81% of respondents leverage more than three channels.

 “All good channels eventually get saturated. So in 2022, brands will prioritise all channels and go more omnichannel… It’s the only way to stay competitive.” Neil Patel, CMO & co-Founder of NP Digital.

One of the ways to leverage omnichannel is to repurpose content.

Video Marketing

 69% of customers prefer to learn about what a brand offers through video.

 The most popular channels are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram when sharing videos. Instagram is considered the most effective video marketing channel.

Influencer Marketing

It is partnering with a relevant, popular creator in their industry to put out content. According to the findings, the traffic generated from influencer marketing is better than other ad formats. Leveraging influencers can be beneficial in terms of developing brand awareness and social proof.

Influencers are considered the word of mouth marketing. Current users of this type of marketing report for every dollar spent, totalling $5.78 ROI. 

Podcast Marketing

The demand for audio content has exploded, with 55% of the U.S.  population over 12 listening at least 6 hours a week. Podcasts help you connect with your customers by being human, having conversations and showing the human side of the business – thus connecting with the customer on a new level.

Podcasts create more opportunities for interaction. For example, customers aren’t restricted to listening while staring at their phone screen. So, for example, listeners can play an episode in their car while taking a run or cleaning the house.

Word of Mouth Marketing

People buy from people who they know, like and trust.

People trust other customers because businesses promote their services and products to generate sales. Still, customers will only rave about a product or service if it truly benefits them. If you’re sceptical, consider the following research findings:

Satisfied customers can post about you online, tell their friends they like your service, and leave positive reviews on your product pages. 

You can encourage this by creating a customer experience that meets your customer’s needs and providing an exceptional experience. In other words – you need to put your customer first!


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