Amplify with Purpose



If you are reading this book, you are an entrepreneur or
aspiring to become one.
Congratulations! You have taken the first step to change the
course of your life and your business. Buying this book is the
first step, but if you never read it or implement it, you will not
make any strides in your business. Therefore, I want to
encourage you to take action.
I’ve spent more than a decade testing and implementing
these methods and strategies across various organisations.
I’ve seen how mastering these components allows you to
transform your life through your business.
Working ON your business is a habit that 99% of business
owners I coach fail to learn or implement daily.
Please be aware that this process has the potential for lots of
frustration and confusion.
When confused, you create brand-new neural connections to
learn something novel. The feeling of frustration signifies that
you are about to make a breakthrough. When these feelings
arise, acknowledge the true meaning, not the one you have
been led to believe (confusion is a problem, confusion is
unhelpful). These are beautiful when you understand the
neurology of what is happening. When you are confused,
your brain creates pathways. In frustration, paths have been
made, and your brain is about to connect two neurons that
weren’t connected before. Once those neurons are
connected, you experience a breakthrough.
Ultimately we want to manage the meanings at the moment
so that we can understand the context and create growth
experiences for our teams and us.
Relax, trust the process


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