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Unleash the full potential of your business with expert strategies in leadership, culture, Customer Experience management and customer engagement with your local business growth strategist.

Build a profitable and sustainable business that your customers love and your team loves to work in, while being proud of it!

The key to success is creating unforgettable customer experiences, enabling memorable employee journeys, and building systems that set you free to grow the business with confidence.

So, How Can I Help you?

With over 20 years of experience in business and process optimisation, I am your guide to navigating the process of business growth with confidence.

As a Certified Customer Experience Professional and a Six Sigma-qualified Business Growth Strategist, I bring a wealth of knowledge in Leadership Coaching, Employee Engagement, and Customer Experience Design and Strategy to the table.

Our journey together will involve:

Situational Audit

We can't say where we are going until we know where we are. I'll sit with you and your team to clarify your Big Hairy Audacious Goals and understand the heart and soul of your business and all the workings that result in delivering for your customers.

Strategy Development

Once we have clarified our current state, we can design the necessary steps to reach our vision & purpose. At the end, you will have a comprehensive action plan.

Then it's over to you

You have two options: you can either implement the actions needed to achieve your purpose, or I can support you and your team by holding you accountable and providing coaching and mentoring until your plan is fully executed.

Imagine a thriving business that not only wins the hearts of your customers but also captures the loyalty of your team. Envision a company where your team eagerly looks forward to coming to work every day, and your customers can’t stop raving about your products or services. With such a business, you can achieve unimaginable success, and your brand will become synonymous with excellence.

This is

Are you ready to take charge and steer it towards success?

Hear from our happy Alchemists:

Steven Franks

CEO: Higher Purpose Accounting

After a detailed assessment of my business, we created a roadmap to address each of the key areas. This led to inspired and targeted actions and greater accountability.
The result has been a more focused approach to marketing and new compelling offers. This has increased my recurring revenue.

I encourage you to speak to Odette to see how she can Amplify your business success!

Tanya Finnie

CEO: Red Head Consulting

I recommend Odette to any business owner. Odette brings the  perfect combination of unpacking where we are at as a business and getting support to move upwards and onwards. She played a major role in supporting us to get a major summit off the ground from marketing advice to talking through all the number decisions. I'm not sure if i can run my business without her again! she gets five practical shiny stars for getting the balance right between nudging us along and providing us with the right tools/people we need when needed.

Board member

Encounter Church International

Odette conducted an end-to-end baseline assessment for our church to improve the church experience.

The detail that resulted in an overall report have given us a tremendous boos in what would have been a lengthy adjustment to leadership without that information. It has helped us develop a roadmap for how we fine tune the issues we face as a church.

Maja K

Head of Finance

Odette, I am so glad to have met you. You have had a profound impact on me as a person. I have learned so much from you, I have only grown positively from our interactions. I would highly recommend you as a coach to anyone.

About Me:


I’m Odette, the heart and soul behind the Business with Altitude Summit and Amplify Business Coaching and Consulting. I work with dreamers and doers – visionary business leaders, dedicated executives, and specialists who are not just chasing success but are hungry for meaning. I do this because I want to see a world where businesses thrive by being hubs of positive change, where every decision is a chance to make a difference.

You might call me a Business Alchemist, and honestly, I love that title. It’s about turning the everyday into something extraordinary, isn’t it? I hail from South Africa and now call Australia home – a journey that’s given me a kaleidoscope of experiences and perspectives.

So, what does a Business Alchemist do? I take the raw, unpolished parts of businesses, churches, and individual aspirations and turn them into gold. It’s about crafting strategies that don’t just work on paper but bring about real, vibrant change. I blend my love for business growth with my skills in Six Sigma and customer experience, all seasoned with a dash of consciousness coaching. But it’s not all strategy and no heart. I’m here to be your mentor, your guide, and your biggest cheerleader.

Why do I wake up every morning excited to do what I do? Because I believe in the magic of transformation. Seeing a business or an individual unlock their true potential is exhilarating.

If you believe that business can be a force for good that sees the value in marrying profit with purpose, then we’re already on the same page. My clients are those brave souls who dare to dream of a business that’s as much about impacting lives as it is about the bottom line. It’s not just about changing businesses; it’s about changing lives, crafting legacies, and building a future we can all be proud of. Let’s not just grow businesses; let’s grow lives and nurture leaders who’ll change the world.

I know the future is bright. All we need to do is build a big enough community of like-minded visionaries, and we’ll be able to move mountains. If you’d like to join the movement and transform your business, it all starts over on my Substack. I share key insights about Business and Life transformation and easily implementable techniques to create lasting magic.


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