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Businesses struggle to grow so they increase their marketing spend or accept their current revenue is the limit

I help you create memorable customer experiences that result in loyal customers and exponential business growth.

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I signed up for a long term coaching relationship with Odette and would recommend her to any business owner. I was a bit worried that it may just be another chat, but I was very wrong. She was attentive in listening without judgement, but also perfectly timed taking her coaching hat off and providing mentoring and tools to guide me in the right direction. It was the perfect combination of unpacking where we are at as a business and getting support to move upwards and onwards. She played a major role in supporting us to get a major inaugural Diversity and Inclusion summit off the ground from marketing advice to talking through all the number decisions. I’m not sure if I can run my business without her again! She gets five practical shiny stars for getting the balance right between nudging us along and providing us with the right tools/people when needed.


Dr Tanya Finnie, Director

Redhead Communications and founder of the Diversity and Inclusion Summit

At the time I met Odette, my business relied on project work.
This work had shorter timeframes and created peaks and troughs in my revenue and cash flow.
As well I needed a better way of engaging with and tracking my leads. I wanted to know more about what each of my customers spent with my business.
And needed to improve the way I communicated my message.

After a detailed assessment of the business, we created a roadmap to address each of these areas. One that would propel the business forward. This would lead to inspired and targeted actions and greater accountability.

The result has been a more focused approach to marketing and new compelling offers. We have increased recurring revenue and track financial and marketing numbers daily.

I encourage you to speak to Odette to see how she can amplify your business successes.

Steven Franks Managing Director

Higher Purpose Accounting

Hi, I'm Odette

I help you understand the barriers to growth in your business and then create memorable experiences that result in increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Competitive advantage with Customers who Buy more from you Stay longer with you Recommend your business Witout increasing your advertising spend

Private clients

This is not a one-size fits all kinda deal.

I tailor your journey to succes based on your business and personal needs.



I’m passionate about equipping entrepreneurs to succeed. Not everyone can afford private coaching; that is why I have a group program that is accessible so that you can get the support and guidance you need to grow your business and reach extraordinary levels of growth.

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