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Demystifying Customer Experience: More Than Just Smiles and Service

The term “Customer Experience” (CX) is often tossed around, yet shrouded in misconceptions. It’s crucial to understand that CX transcends mere customer service or the act of smiling during interactions. While these elements are important, they barely scratch the surface of true customer experience.

The Essence of CX: It’s All About the Feeling

CX represents the entirety of your customer’s journey with your business. It’s a fusion of emotional, rational, and functional touchpoints that mould customer behaviour and loyalty. In essence, CX is about the feeling your business instils in its customers.

Consider my personal account detailed in the blog “A Little Story About Consistency.” The restaurant in that story closed down, and moved to a different location with a different name, but same ownership, staff, menu and shocking experience.  One Sunday afternoon we decided to “check out the new place” for lunch, not realising it’s the same one as in my earlier story. 

Man, was I disappointed!

A change of name and location did not encourage them to change their other issues and we had yet another dreadful experience, this time they didn’t bring my husbands meal, and instead of owning up to the missed order they blamed the kitchen for not making it – the blame game is NOT the way to deal with service delivery issues!

Clearly the change in name and location didn’t mask its inherent service issues. The result? A disappointing dining experience that not only lost them a customer but also turned me into a vocal detractor.

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The Cost of Neglect: A Cautionary Tale

This experience underscores a fundamental truth: neglecting CX can be catastrophic. It’s not just about losing a customer; it’s about creating a negative advocate who actively dissuades others. In contrast, a well-crafted CX transforms customers into brand evangelists who are less price-sensitive, more loyal, and become credible marketers for your brand.

The Path to Meaningful Experiences

During a recent podcast interview, I emphasised the importance of consistency over the “wow” factor. The goal is to master the basics and then consistently deliver meaningful moments. Remember, customers seek reliability – the assurance of a consistent outcome with every interaction. If you can’t get the basics right, don’t bother with attempting to wow. (I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, and that’s okay I’m here to help you get it right, which means telling you what you need to hear.)

Designing Unforgettable Experiences

The journey to outstanding CX begins with mastering the basics – consistency and reliability. Once these are in place, you can then thoughtfully design experiences (notice that this implies, you take the time to reflect on the experience they currently get, what you want them to have and then intentionally craft an unforgettable experience that you can sustain, unforgettable cx doesn’t happen overnight) that are not just impressive, but consistently remarkable. This is how you become the favourite, not just the best. The favourite wins the customer, the best wins the awards, decide which one you want to be.

Connect, Value, and See Your Customers

To truly excel in CX, you need to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Make them feel seen, heard, and valued. This emotional connection is what transforms a regular customer into a loyal advocate for your brand.

I know all of this is alot to take in, and for most businesses there are a million and one things that all NEED to happen, and there are not always resources available to hire the pricey consultant that is why I created the CX Compass – a small group program focused on supporting SME’s, NPO’s and professionals to design and implement unforgettable experiences.

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Odette de Beer is a renowned international business strategist specialising in customer experience and business optimisation. With over 20 years of experience, she is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals amplify their success through strategic and customer-centric approaches.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.

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