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As you know, I had my refresh done today…

What’s the best part of the salon visit? 

Mine is the head massage ☺️ 

@Hair_by_Helen is always fantastic, but today she had help!

Thank you, Imogen!

Here is the thing…

As a control freak myself, I know it’s hard to let someone else step in and take some responsibility. My business is my baby, and my clients are precious to me. 

But that mindset limits my growth as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

To grow means to let go. [think Elsa in frozen on the mountain]

But what if letting go means my clients get a better experience?

Here is how it played out for me as a client today…

Getting my pre-refresh wash included a heavenly head massage…

Followed by my usual chit-chat with my favourite stylist…

And then, another wash, 


you guessed it…

Another Massage!

One of the best parts of this experience for me is the massage; that’s one of my moments of truth.

The extra set of hands meant I received quite the pamper today!

Now, that’s great for the customer, but what about the business?

For the salon, it means that Helen [one of their top stylists] can service more clients. And she did. While I was getting attended to by Imogen, Helen had another regular client that she attended to.

Let’s face it, we all want the VIP treatment – [yes, Karen, I know you want it too, you’re just afraid of admitting it]

Now, the salon has 2 clients serviced at a premium simultaneously. And both clients had an exceptional experience. Thank’s to the excellent and consistent experience; both clients return on repeat – $0 acquisition cost, higher profit.

I mentioned moments of truth – these are the moments that really matter and make or break the experience.

Personally, there are a few:

  1. Arrival – do I arrive at ‘dead mans’ door? Helen saw me the minute I arrived and ushered me to her station – no waiting, no queue.
  2. Managing my expectation about cost – doing a quote so there are no nasty surprises.
  3. The head massage – today I had 2!
  4. The final style – I generally leave looking like a million dollars – so I’m always a bit peppier 🙂
  5. Payment – is it this awkward – ‘ehem pay now, please’, or do they just take it in their stride? Today was rather interesting. The salon replaced the POS machine; the new one requires a pin for transactions over a certain amount; I haven’t used my pin in over 18 months…

So, I entered the wrong pin… and the transaction declined!

And handled the declined transaction like water off a duck’s back. 

What’s the moral of the story? If you want to grow your business, you must learn to let go!

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